Another round of fooling women

Hyderabad: No one can compete in making frauds like Chandrababu. New techniques and ways are adopted to make the DWCRA Women restless and pushing them into troubles. Babu made huge propaganda about forgiving the debts for DWCRA women during elections. He reiterated and guaranteed the same in every campaign or rally conducted including the job guarantee schemes.

The TDP leaders followed the leader and campaigned along with  posters stacked in villages too. They advised the villagers not to pay the money at all and laid confidence in the minds of people. Since, few years, DWCRA women could get subsidized loans. They could become economically self- reliant. But, as Chandrababu Naidu and the gang insisted not to pay, they stopped paying loans.  

As a result, Women associations could not pay banks and gone into the debt trap. Instead of economic freedom, they have finally reached a position where they could not spend money for their daily expenses. Overall, the women's self-reliance is de-rooted and this credit goes to Naidu.

Looking at this situation, the opposition party leader YS Jagan, took the responsibility to support women associations and fight against the Government by Samara Deeksha. With this, Chandrababu Naidu declared that the women's groups will get 10,000 rupees and released 3,000 only.

Even to get that amount to the groups, there are many road blocks on the way stating many terms and conditions.  In some instances, however, the banks also stopped this amount to give it to the groups based on the previous debts. Chandrababu Naidu is almost torturing the women by delaying the support but, he is running behind the Singapore companies in relation to the Capital formation.
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