Anam insane, must be admitted to mental asylum

Hyderabad, April 12,
2013: Strongly condemning the outburst of Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy
against the YSR family members, the YSR Congress Legislature Party has said the
minister has gone insane and must be admitted to the mental hospital at
Erragadda in the city.

In a statement issued
after the minister’s despicable comments, YSRCP deputy floor leader Dharmana
Krishna Das and Secretaries Nallapureddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy and Tellam
Balarau said Minister Anam Ramnarayana Reddy is not fit to continue as a
minister and to be in public life. 

“Fearing defeat and
losing of deposits for himself and his family members in the next assembly
polls, he has lost mental equilibrium and is speaking like a mad cap,” they
said, adding, for the sake of power, he has stooped so low. “If he doesn’t stop
indulging in loose talk like this, people will teach him a fitting lesson,”
they warned.

The MLAs said the
Congress party was routed in the constituencies represented by the Anam family
members in by elections in the Nellore district at the hands of the YSRCP.
While the YSRCLP got a majority of 40,000 votes in Atmakur constituency
represented by the Minister, it got a majority of 35, 000 votes in the Nellore
Rural constituency represented by his brother, they said.

“Congress candidates
lost deposits in the by polls to the Nellore Lok Sabha seat and Kovuru and
Udayagiri assembly seats. As the same fear of defeat has been haunting the
Congress party and the Anam family, the Minister has lost mental balance and is
making the baseless allegations,” the MLAs said.

YSRCLP has also
demanded the Minister to withdraw his outrageous comments and apologize to the YSR


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