Activists asked to strengthen Jagan’s leadership

 Ananthapuram, Oct 3, 2012: YSR Congress party
Central Governing Council member T.Kavitha and party leader Yerriswami Reddy
called upon party activists to work hard to strengthen the leadership of party
president Y. S.Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Participating in the membership drive
programme here on Tuesday, they said all roads are leading to YSRCP and all
people are looking towards the party eagerly. “People are looking forward for YSR
Congress president Jagan to become chief minister and lead the state,” they

Kavitha said both TDP and Congress have
lost credibility among the people and the writing is there on the wall for the
two parties to see.

“People are fed up with the Congress
government and the opposition TDP and are eagerly waiting for Jagan to take
over the leadership of the state,” said Kavitha and Yerriswami Reddy, adding
that more and more people would be enrolled into the party.

The membership drive was undertaken by
party leaders Govinda Reddy and Anki Reddy Pramila.


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