ACB Court Orders For Reinvestigation Of Note For Vote Case

Hyderabad: Even after being caught in Note for Vote case, Chandrababu was shamelessly continuing as the CM of AP, criticised YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy. The petition filed by the MLA regarding the case came to inquiry in the ACB court. The court ordered for a reinvestigation on the case as there had been flaws in its previous investigation. Sudhakar Reddy, RK's lawyer had his argument heard in the court.
Forensic lab submitted reports that the voice in the submitted voice tapes that said "Mana vaallu briefed me" was indeed Chandrababu's. It was also brought to the court's notice about Jerusalem Matthaiah's complaint to the human rights commission stating he had threat to his life from Chandrababu. All the required proofs had been submitted too. Mentioning this, Sudhakar Reddy stated satisfaction and trust towards the law for the fair trial though delayed.

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