YS Jagan's permanent solution to Uddanam problem

It’s not important who you are and when you took over. What is important is whether you are delivering or not. It’s all about whether you are addressing vexed issues and are finding out solutions. The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, is doing just that. Without much ado and sans unwanted hullabaloo, he is solving a problem that has piled on misery for decades on the people of the state. He is now transforming the lives of the Kidney patients of Uddanam, whose plight for decades remained unattended by successive chief ministers.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken upon himself the task of finding a permanent solution to the Uddanam victims, who suffered to no end. He is all set to unveil a safe drinking water project for the Uddanam people in association with Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) which has made giant strides in addressing the irrigational needs of the state. When completed, this endeavour of YS Jagan government would transform the lives of Uddanam kidney patients.
Uddanam’s bane for decades
Rampant incidence of kidney ailments in Uddanam was diagnosed way back in 1985-86. The problem became increasingly acute and by 1990s, the locals lunched a massive agitation to highlight their plight. Yet, the rulers of the day did not pay heed and made light of the issue. As a result, the number of affected people shot up. Those in power did nothing except taking some palliative steps and cosmetic measures.  The first sincere attempt to address the issue was made during the reign of YS Rajasekhara Reddy.  He had directed the officials to initiate concrete measures and the officials too had prepared comprehensive plans. But the sudden and untimely demise of YSR had brought the efforts to zilch.
YS Jagan government to victims’ succour
The problem is particularly acute in Kaviti, Sompeta, Kanchili, Ichchapuram, Palasa, Vajrapu Kotturu and Mandasa mandals of Srikakulam district, besides the municipalities of Palasa and Ichchapuram. Surveys have shown that there are over 14000 kidney patients out of 1.3 lakh population spread in 107 villages. The problem is particularly acute in Kaviti mandal. Those working to address the issue estimated that at least over 10000 people had died due to kidney related ailments ever since the Uddanam issue saw the light of the day. Estimates also show that at least one death is reported for every two days in Uddanam area
Jagan’s focus on a lasting solution
As soon as it came to power, the YS Jagan Government had decided to find a lasting solution to this vexed issue.  As part of it he had decided to put in place a drinking water scheme in Uddanam in collaboration with the MEIL, which has already carved a niche for itself in water resources sector. The Jagan government intends to provide succour to the victims of Uddanam and stand by them.  In stark contrast to the earlier dispensations that believed in palliatives and piecemeal solutions, he has decided to set up a research centre too in addition to the water scheme. Estimates worth Rs 700 crore were prepared and tenders were invited to works worth Rs 530 crore. The MEIL had come forward to accomplish this project at Rs 527 crore through the reverse tendering process. This is 0.60 per cent less than the decided rate. This project envisage provision of 1.12 TMC per year to the people of Uddanam.
Water to be brought from 100 km away
The MEIL is now preparing to launch the works on this project  and is getting ready to provide a permanent solution to the problems being faced by the people of Uddanam. The officials of the AP Government are confident that the MEIL, which has accomplished several high quality mega irrigation projects as per the decided times, will complete the project within the prescribed timelines.
Uddanam has a population of 5.74 lakh in 809 habitations. Most of them depend on bore wells for their drinking water needs. Studies have shown that the underground water is majorly responsible for the spate in kidney ailments. Despite this, the dependence on the bore wells has become inevitable as nearby rivers like Bahuda and Mahendra Tanaya have dried up. Hence, to address the issue, the proposed project envisages bringing water through underground pipelines from Heramandalam reservoir, which is a good 100 km away. The water would be sand-filtered at the Meliaputti mandal headquarters and then transferred to the overhead tanks of the protected drinking water schemes of the affected villages. Thence, the clean and safe water reaches every home through drinking water taps.
CM Jagan-MEIL pair up to solve decades old problem
YS Jagan, who has understood the importance of the project and the severity of the problem, has decided to provide a permanent solution. It intends to complete the project at the earliest. No wonder, the inhabitants of the affected villages in Uddanam are happy that they would soon get a solution to their long-pending and vexatious problem.

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