Polavaram hydraulic crest gate work begins 

In a key development close on the heels of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s visit to Polavaram, the Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) has launched the process of installing hydraulic crest gates for the project. As part of this work, the arms of the 48 crest gates are being installed. In the first phase, the spillway gates would be set up and the arm girders are being assembled now.

As part of this, the representatives of the MEIL and irrigation officials have performed special poojas. Later, the armed girders were linked to the 45 pillars. Speaking on the occasion Project Chief Engineer Sudhakar said that the works would be completed by May-end as per the deadline and said that the officials and the representatives of the MEIL were extending all possible help  in completing the project.

Why arm girders?

Each project gate has eight arm girders and four horizontal girders. Four each girders would be set up on both sides. This constitutes the Arm Assembling. The total weight is around 31 tonnes. Thus, there are 12 girders per gate. So, for the 48 gates, there would be a total of 384 arm girders and 192 horizontal girders. Each girder is 16 meters long. After the assembling, the skin plates are installed. The arm girders will be useful in lifting the gates to the required height.

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