Allagada TDP Leader Erigala Rama Pulla Reddy Joins YSRCP

 Hyderabad: Telugu Desam is getting major blows in the Kurnool district as the key leaders are leaving the party and are joining the YSR Congress Party(YSRCP). In a recent development, key TDP leaders from Allagada constituency in Kurnool district have joined the YSRCP.

Erigala Rama Pulla Reddy have met the leader of the opposition Andhra Pradesh Assembly and YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at his lotus pond residence along with his brothers. Later they joined YSRCP on Saturday in the presence of YS Jagan.

Talking to the media, Rama Pulla Reddy said that he is ready to work as a soldier for YS Jagan and will follow the party orders diligently. He added that he will work hard for the victory of YSRCP in the upcoming elections and their supporters are going to follow their footsteps.

Opening up over the disputes with the Gangula family, he said that there is no personal rivalry with them and he said that whoever is going to get the ticket shall support them. Rama Pulla Reddy pointed out that corruption is rampant within TDP.

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