YS Jagan Govt, committed for Dalit welfare

Amaravati: Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development Adimulapu Suresh said that the Government is committed to the upliftment of dalits and implementation of various welfare schemes to improve their living standards. 

Addressing the media here on Wednesday, he said that the State Government's commitment in this regard was proved by the extension of SC & ST sub-plan for another ten years. Rubbishing the comments published by a section of media, he said that yellow media is spreading false propaganda on the extension of SC & ST sub-plan to protect the vested interests of TDP and creating confusion among the castes.

He also recalled that it was the TDP Chief who made derogatory comments like 'who would wish to be born in the SC community'? What justice will he do for the dalits. The YSRCP Government is spending around 25 percent of funds for dalits in every scheme, he said. Drawing a parallel between the previous TDP regime and YSRCP, he explained that TDP has spent Rs 33,625 crore for SC’s between 2014-19. In the last three and a half years, the YSRCP has spent Rs 48,899 crore for SC welfare, which means Rs 15,274 crore (45.4 percent) was additionally spent.

For ST’s, TDP has spent Rs 12,487 crore during its five year tenure, while YSRCP has spent Rs 15,589 crore (25 percent), which means Rs 3,101 crore additionally spent for ST’s welfare, he said. The YSRCP Government is ready to face any kind of auditing or scrutiny on the facts relating to the welfare of dalits, he said and rubbished the remarks of vernacular media of Rs 20,000 crore cut imposed by the government during its three and a half years rule. 

Reacting on Pawan Kalyan's meeting on sub-plan, he said that Jana Sena Chief was acting according to the script given by Chandra Babu Naidu and should know the facts and figures before making further remarks.

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