YSRCP's ‘Samajika Sadhikara’ a huge hit in Allagadda

 Rain-Defying Success:

Deputy CM K. Narayana Swamy: CM Jagan believes that social justice is not a mere slogan, but a governing policy to reshape the state

On the 10th day of the YSRCP's ‘Samajika Sadhikara’ yatra, the relentless spirit of thousands of people defied the incessant rain in Allagadda, Nandyala district, as a massive gathering converged to participate in the yatra. Notable leaders including Deputy Chief Ministers Amzath Basha and K. Narayana Swamy, Lok Sabha MP Bellana Chandrasekhar, Former Minister Anil Kumar Yadav, and various others joined the social empowerment yatra led by the local MLA Brijendra Reddy Gangula. 

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd of supporters who bore the lashing rain, Deputy Chief Minister K. Narayana Swamy highlighted the extensive array of welfare initiatives spearheaded by Chief Minister Jagan to fulfill the aspirations of marginalized communities. He underscored, "CM Jagan firmly believes that social justice is not a mere slogan, but a governing policy to reshape the state. In his inaugural cabinet, he appointed 14 Ministers hailing from BC, SC, ST, and Minority backgrounds, constituting approximately 68% of the ministerial positions. Among the five deputy CMs appointed, four of them are drawn from the BC, SC, ST and Minority communities. This exemplifies CM Jagan's commitment to translating his words into actions."

In a testament to Chief Minister Jagan's unwavering commitment to social upliftment and support for marginalized communities, Deputy Chief Minister Amzath Basha pointed out a significant milestone. He emphasized, "India has been independent for 76 years, with many Chief Ministers serving in various states. However, no one except CM Jagan thought about social empowerment. For the first time in history, a minority woman has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Legislative Council. This historic move underscores the administration's dedication to bringing about positive change and inclusivity." 

"Once more, Chandrababu Naidu is expected to present the people with empty pledges and tall claims. It's essential to remember that in the past, he has failed to deliver. In fact one must not forget his abuses towards the Dalits. Now, it's our responsibility to ensure a resounding victory for Jagananna, who truly represents our interests and aspires to lead us toward a brighter future," he further emphasized.

Lok Sabha MP Bellana Chandrasekhar praised CM Jagan Mohan Reddy for illuminating the lives of the disadvantaged segments of the society through an array of welfare programs. He noted, "CM Jagan has fulfilled 99% of the commitments made in the manifesto. Unprecedented in the history of our nation, a staggering Rs 2.4 lakh crores have been disbursed to the accounts of the underprivileged via these welfare schemes, with a remarkable 75% directed towards benefiting BC, SC, ST, and Minority communities."

Former Minister Anil Kumar Yadav expressed, "Since independence, many political parties have marginalized the BC, SC, ST, and Minority communities, often treating them as zero. However, Jagananna stands as a remarkable leader who has transformed these communities by making tens, hundreds, thousands, and crores by putting one next to that zero. And that extra one comes in the form of respect!"

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