YSRCP sees conspiracy over series of incidents in temples

Amaravati: Minister for Endowments Vellampalli Srinivas suspected TDP conspiracy over the series of incidents taking place in temples across the State and stated that Chandrababu Naidu is playing the Hindutva card to divert public from Amaravati land scam.


Speaking on the issue of the missing silver idols at Kanaka Durga Temple, the Minister clarified that the Chariot was not in use since YSRCP came into power and theft of these lions might have taken place during the reign of the previous government. In the wake of the Antarvedi incident, in an inspection drive at Indrakeeladri, it was found the three lion idols were missing from the chariot. In this context, the minister said that a committee has been constituted to investigate the issue and action will be taken against those involved. He stated that all measures are being taken for the protection of chariots in temples.


He lashed at opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu for politicising the issue and trying to create uncertainty among the public. Recalling the incidents like Tantrik ritual, robbery of Goddess Durga sarees and jewellery that took place during TDP regime, the minister stated that TDP leaders have exploited and ruined the sanctity of temples and even went by demolishing temples across the State. He said that the State government is closely monitoring the situations in temples and also taking quick action on the accused.


Further, the minister said that TDP leaders are intentionally creating ruckus over the issue, to divert public from Amaravati land scam. Chandrababu Naidu is using Hindu religion to bond with BJP leaders, to safeguard from the cases. Telugu Desam Party does not have any respect towards Hindu religion, where Chandrababu Naidu even performed poojas and rituals wearing shoes on multiple occasions, he said .

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