Sajjala blames Naidu for stampede

Amaravati : YSR Congress Party General Secretary and Advisor to Government (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy alleged that TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu who was on a self promotion mission was responsible for the deaths of eight people and injuries in the stampede at a public rally held at Kandukur. Addressing the media here on Thursday, he said that Naidu deliberately held the rally in a narrow lane in order to capture the visuals through drone shots and showing that there were huge crowds for his meeting. However, his self promotion mission failed miserably and led to the death of eight people and injuring several others, he said. Why didn't Naidu follow the instructions given by the police and organised the meeting at a different location ignoring the place where they have taken permission for the meeting and now blaming the police, he questioned. It is a shame that the opposition leader is trying to change this tragedy in his favour. He opined that whatever happens, Chandrababu's desire is to make a sensation and this human sacrifice is believed to have taken place in his perversity. During his regime, Naidu also restored to self promotion activities and was responsible for the death of 27 pilgrims in a stampede during Godavari Pushkaralu. The YSRCP general secretary also reminded that Chandrababu spoke with the same arrogance on the stampede during Godavari Pushkaralu and criticised that the opposition leader does not have value for lives and is behaving like an uncultured person.

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