Rajanna Badibata Very Close To My Heart

Andhra Pradesh: Rajanna Badibata, a school enrolment drive was launched by the AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in Penumaka on Friday. At the programme he addressed the audience and told them that he wants children to be more motivated to come to schools and that is why the initiative has been started. He also made a lot of promises, one among them being that if a mother sends her child regularly to school, she will receive a cash prize of Rs 15,000. This cash prize will be distributed among the parents on the Republic day of every year. He also said that schools across the State would see a complete turnaround in terms of learning outcomes, infrastructure, and competitiveness within two years. The twitter handle of the AP CM showed a picture of the AP CM helping a little kid with his ‘Akshara Abhyasam’ which is an initiation into formal lerning for kids.

The AP CM also took to his personal Twitter handle to express his joy over the inauguration of the Rajanna Badibata programme.

He said: “Extremely pleased to have started Rajanna Badibata. A program very close to my heart. No mother should struggle to send her child to school! Send them to school and I will take care of their education! & from Jan 26th, though our Amma Vodi promise we’ll give you 15000/- yearly.” 

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