People do not believe Naidu: Perni

Amaravati, Dec 2: Coming down heavily on TDP President N. Chandrababu Naidu, former Minister Perni Nani (Venkatramaiah) said that people are not in a position to believe him again as he committed innumerable follies and cheated minorities, SCs, STs and BCs lock, stock and barrel. Addressing media here on Friday, the former minister said that people are considering Naidu as the biggest misfortune that has befallen them. Observing there is no count of the follies committed by Naidu during his regime, he said that the TDP President’s image has gone down deep and the efforts of his friendly media to revive it would fall flat. Chandrababu Naidu, who sought the mandate of the people in the 2024 elections saying it would be the last elections for him, has now changed his stance at the behest of his friendly media and begun saying it would be the last elections for the people, he said adding that the TDP president’s political career w ould not be revived despite all the dramas. Making a mockery of Naidu’s claim that Lord Venkateswara Swamy gave him a new life to serve the people and fight the YSRCP, the former minister remarked that he got new lease of life just to repent his sins and follies for the rest of his life. He further said that after the 2024 elections, Chandrababu will be cooling his heels repenting over his backstabbing of NTR and his other sins. Objecting to the claims of the TDP President that attempts are being made to eliminate him, he said there is no need for anyone to kill Chandrababu who already lost his credibility in the society and tarnished his image by his own doings. Tearing into the hypocrisy of Naidu, he said the TDP chief, who till recently campaigned that the Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has been turning the state into Sri Lanka with his welfare programs, has now begun misleading the people saying he would continue all the welfare programs of the present Government if voted to power in the next elections. Unlike the TDP which has hidden its election manifesto after coming to power and cheated minorities, BCs, SCs and STs by throwing to the winds its promises, the YSRCP Government has been going ahead with its welfare schemes and winning the hearts of the people despite the false propaganda carried out by the TDP and its friendly media. Chandrababu had begged people for votes in 2014 elections saying he was a changed person and would not repeat the old mistakes, he said and added that Naidu simply chose to cheat all sections of people including Nayee Brahmins, fishermen, DWCRA women, RTC employees and the minorities whose lives have improved immensely during the YSRCP rule. He pooh-poohed at the Naidu’s claim that the state stood at the top in the list of the states for crossing limits in borrowings, and clarified that AP stood in the 8th place. Asserting that people would not believe Naidu’s false propaganda and dramas, he said that the Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has already pushed him to the Nadir in politics. Mocking at Naidu’s efforts to visit Polavaram Project, the former minister said that he has no locus standi to visit the Dam site. After failing to continue the construction of the project which began in the YSR rule, Naidu paid attention towards it only in 2017 to get commissions, he alleged. The yellow media’s efforts to give a new lease of political life to the TDP President would never succeed, he warned.

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