Govt. ensures favourable environment for industries 

Amaravati, July 6: Minister for Industries, Commerce, Infrastructure, and Investments, Gudivada Amarnath said that the Government has created a favorable environment for companies to invest and slammed the opposition for trying to spoil the brand image of the State with its malicious propaganda.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, the Minister said that Andhra Pradesh has topped the Business Reform Action Plan 2020 Rankings in the Ease Of Doing Business, where  the Center has given the rankings after carefully examining all aspects and taking feedback from the industrialists. He said that TDP leaders couldn’t digest the good news and thus resorted to cheap politics by falsely accusing the government. 

The previous government had only shown fake MOUs and graphics to bluff people and betrayed the youth in the name of creating four lakh jobs. He recalled that four Partnership Summits were conducted during Chandrababu’s rule with a zero output and high promotions. He said that people have given opposition status to TDP after going through all such betrayals. 

Many companies are looking at Andhra Pradesh and are coming forward to invest, as the government is providing all facilities and extending full support to them

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