CM Jagan Mohan Reddy speech at GIS

“It is a proud moment to announce that we have received 340 proposals with the investment 30 lakh crore with employment to 6 lakh people in 20 sectors. As of today, mou will execute 92mous with 11 lakh crore remaining will be executed to tomorrow. This summit we would like to communicate that domestic and international community that to us you’re important. Opportunities the state has to offer and its emphasis on healthy competition and long term Partnership has to be explored. 2023 important year for india as we are hosting g20. India’s g20 leadership under modi will be a defining moment for us. India is one of the fastest growing state in the world and for foreign direct investment as well. Ap is leading state and blesses with abundance natural resources with long coastline. Robust infra with ports, 6 airports, 3 industrial corridors developed in Ap, strategic location, skilled youth and proactive government with policy framework are helping the state. Ap haa achieved year on year highest gsdp growth with more than 11%. Exports are increased, niti ayog ranked number three in India in SDG goals. Four key pillars for AP *Greenieication: decarbonisation *Industrial and logistics infra - longest coastline gateway of the indja from east *Digitalisation *Entrepreneurship Ap has potential to be one of the leading state in india. It is only state with three industrial corridors. One stop digital platform for onestop domestically ans international approvals. 21 days approvals will be done entrepreneurship: it is with conducive environment. State has consistently first in eodb. 97.89% of the survey. Success speaks volumes of conducive Repealed absolute laws, State government has 26 skill colleges with international standards with industry involvement. I want to congratulate and reiterate to ensure sustainable development in the state. We urge all businesses leaders to participate and engage and explore the potential of various sectors in the AP. We have to assure you that we are one phone call away and it is our assurances. Vizag will be executive capital which will help us in eodb.

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