Alla Nani Urges People Not To Venture Out From Home After 11 AM


AMARAVATI: Stressing the need for social distancing as the only way to tackle COVID-19, Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Health Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas (Alla Nani) appealed to the public to cooperate with the government by not coming out of houses during the lockdown period.


At a press conference here on Sunday, he said that public need to understand these efforts taken by the government. They strictly follow the prohibitory orders and warned that they should not come out from their homes after 11:00 AM. In a move to restrict people's movement during the lockdown phase, Alla Nani said that people were allowed to purchase essential commodities only until the morning hours.


Talking about the implementation of lockdown and preventive measures taken in the state due to the coronavirus outbreak, he said that this decision was taken on the advice of experts.


"Stringent action will be taken against the vendors who sell more than prescribed prices and we will also see that there will be no shortage of essential commodities in the state," he added. " The Chief Minister has directed setting up of call centres over the sale of essential goods. A price list with the call centre number should be displayed at every outlet", Nani mentioned.


In the villages there is an exception for the purchase of essential commodities which will be allowed till 1 PM , he said, and people were advised not to come out all at once.


Speaking on agricultural works, he said that agriculture labourers will not be stopped as per the Chief Minister's directives. Mobile markets are also being established to ensure that the agriculture prices don't fall, he said.


Alla Nani said that Chief Minister had directed officials to provide accommodation and food to the people stranded at state borders and advised people in cities to take special precautions.

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