YSRCP Tops Among Parties Having Most Educated Candidates In Lok Sabha Fray 

Educational qualification is not a prerequisite for candidates aspiring to public office, particularly to legislative assemblies and parliament. In a country where socioeconomic inequalities feed into extreme differences in education attained by different sections of the society, perhaps, it seems plausible not to have any such criteria. But the clamour for educated public representatives lingers on in the country as some of the high-profile politicians become butt of jokes making extremely bizarre, distasteful, and ridiculous comments that lack any rationale.

Against this backdrop, an interesting survey and research conducted by the India Today media house revealed that YSR Congress Party has most educated candidates in the fray for 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Eighty eight per cent candidates fielded by YSR Congress Party for Lok Sabha have at least a graduate degree. The figured is arrived at after factoring in all regional and national parties, including Congress and BJP.

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