YS Jagan's Relentless Fights

  • YS Jagan’s fights inspired by freedom struggle
  • YSRCP’s formation intended for the benefit of Telugu people
  • Fight against the Government for attainment of rights
  • Chandrababu’s rule reminding that of the British
  • YS Jagan on people’s side

YSRCP president YS Jagan
stood by the side of the people with least regard to power. He is a hero who
turned against the 120-year old giant national party, Congress, in order to
fight against the injustice being done to Telugu people. Getting ready to go
any farther for the people’s sake, he founded YSR Congress Party. To teach a
lesson to the leaders of that time who were ruling for political selfish
benefits, the party was formed regarding people as the centre of democracy.

After the sudden demise
of legendary leader and former CM Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy, the rule in the state
went on as controlled by Sonia Gandhi, giving least importance to the
well-being of the people. Then, taking people’s voice as his, YS Jagan founded
YSRCP. The party began with just YS Jagan and his mother YS Vijayamma, but now
it has grown to be the principal opposition party of AP. When leaders from
other parties wanted to join YSRCP, attracted by its ideals and principles, he respected
democracy and made them resign to their parties and seek fresh mandate before
offering them YSRCP’s scarves.

Having entered the
assembly with just one member, YSRCP gradually earnesd 17 places. Later in 2014
elections, it won in 67 places. YS Jagan has
since been efficiently running the party on one hand, while slamming the
Government’s deception to people on the other hand. He staged peaceful
agitations, hunger strikes and protests in a democratic manner, with freedom
struggle as inspiration.

People are the strength,
voice for the people

While TDP leaders
resorted to misuse of power and held attacks and allegations on YSRCP leaders, the
party continued to perform uncompromising fight on behalf of people. Drawing
inspiration from the non-violence movement of the freedom struggle, it is
fighting against Chandrababu’s rule in the state, which has grown to become
more tyrannical than the British rule. As the Government failed to do welfare
to the people, YSRCP has been having their voice heard both in the assembly and


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