YS Jagan Attack: Is this house investigation is going on?

The tardy pace of investigation into the murder attempt on YSR Congress Party Chief and Leader of Opposition in AP assembly, Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy's life gives us the feeling that the police and the government are not really serious about the case. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) led by Commissioner Mahesh Chandra Ladda and DCP Fakeerappa are giving in to the demands of the accused Srinivasa Rao, including serving chicken biryani and a sumptuous breakfast every day.
There is a defiant attitude and the body language of the accused suggest that he is confident that nothing would happen to him. For any question asked, he has only one liners and says that the letter has all the details which is further irking the investigative officers. It appears as if the accused is in a guesthouse rather in custody. The SIT also examined four people associated with him and they are not able to pinpoint the actual cause. There is every possibility of the case getting sidetracked and eventually forgotten, as long as the TDP continues at the helm of affairs, YSR Congress party leaders have pointed out.They have also stated repeatedly that the case is being probed from a political angle and not from a purely investigative standpoint, as an apolitical professional police force is expected to. Hence, YSRCP leaders have emphasised, there is a need for an independent investigation by a third party agency.
For instance, on Monday the police officials reportedly came in post noon and conducted their interrogation for about two hours. Questioning of the three employees from Fusion Foods restaurant where the accused was working and another outsider is said to have yielded no results.
The attacker, Srinivasa Rao appears cool and unfazed and is reportedly coming up with the same answers for any question. The media are waiting in front of the Airport police station for an update about the inquiry but the SIT senior officials remain tight-lipped. Finally the CI Malla Seshu of the Airport Police station came forward with the news that there has been no progress so far.
The SIT team is also probing into the three bank accounts of the accused which have very little cash in them. They have decided to check transactions from last year for any clues, it is learnt. The call data is also being verified. Two special teams have been dispatched to Guntur and Hyderabad for further investigation, but the general impression, as pointed out by many senior YSRCP leaders is that, the police probe into the case so far has been lackadaisical . 
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