Is this why Chandrababu went to Delhi?


Chandrababu is past master in the art of subterfuge. He does everything for himself and his own benefit, but poses as he he has done it only for the betterment of the state and its people. His words and deeds rarely match. He changes words like he changes dresses. He blows his own trumpet unashamedly. Then his cabal follows suit. They all go to the press to praise Chandrababu. This will be followed by eulogies in  the yellow media. This is how Chandrababu builds a narrative and peddles falsehoods.
Every time he goes to Delhi, he goes on personal missions. But, he claims that he has gone to Delhi for the sake of the state. Even in small things, he tries to seek publicity. His latest tour to Delhi too is meant to stonewall the possibility of a CBI probe. He knows that his benami CM Ramesh is now facing the heat of IT raids. So, he has gone to ensure that he can save his skin in this case. 
He is also trying to prevent the CBI from probing into the attack on the YSRCP chief. He is worried that the YSRCP MPs have met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the issue. So, he wants to scuttle a probe. He does not want a probe into the attack on Jagan because he knows any impartial probe will unravel the TDP connection. So, Chandrababu had actually gone to lobby through his sources in the CBI. But, he, his sycophants and the yellow media are trumpeting that he had gone to Delhi to fight for the State’s rights.
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