Why Bhogapuram Airport needs 15000 acr?

Vijayanagaram: Almost 15 acres of land is been planned for the Bhogapuram green field airport which is raising doubts. The arguments are emerging in high, as an international airport in any Main city doesn’t have this much land for air ports.

Here are the main city details:
The land details of international level airports in major cities of different countries are as follows:
Singapore - 3,250 acres, Miami - 3,350 acres, Chicago - 6,525 acres, London - 3,000 acres, New York - 3,812 acres .The land details of airports of few important cities in our country go like this:
Hyderabad - 5.495 acres, Delhi - 5,220 acres, Chennai - 1,400 acres, Goa - 1,424 acres, Ahmadabad - 929 acres of land. But, why Bhogapuram is expected to have more land?

Why thousand acres of land is required in Bhogapuram?
When compared to the international airports available in large cities, the number of planes coming to Visakhapatnam is few. Hardly have we seen some traffic in the morning and evening. In such cases, why so many thousand acres of land is the main question. This relates to the scam of land happening in order to support the corporate business in the name of airport, which is very clear.  Farmers are left poor and helpless while the government is moving hand in hand with the private companies to support mutually. It also came to notice that Naidu seems to have thousands of acres of land on the surroundings illegally. To get higher prices for those lands, the game is played is made by Naidu. 
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