What Explanation Does Babu Have For The Centre?

Chandrababu, who has been swallowing the funds granted by the centre and giving
himself undeserved credit, has been given a shock by the veterans at the
centre. They have demanded account of the previous funds in order for them to
sanction new.

This is what has happened

The centre gave Rs.350 crore in the
financial year 2014-15. Rs.50 crore to each of three districts from North
Andhra region and four districts from Rayalaseema. Again in the year 2015-16,
it gave Rs.350 crore in the same way. But when the state Government asked for
funds in the current financial year, the centre reacted severely. It condemned
the Government for not sending accounts for the previously-sanctioned funds as
instructed. It demanded for submission of fund consumption account for Rs.700
crore and action plan for the funds now being asked for. A letter was sent to
the planning department of AP in this matter.

Diversion of funds sanctioned
by the centre?

The centre is expressing doubts about
possible diversion of the previously-sanctioned funds for the backward
districts. Rs.52 crore of the sanctioned money was spent to buy scanning
machines in seven districts with the direct instructions of the Chief Minister.
Officials are stating that the funds were spent for various fields. The state’s
planning department is stating that the funds were released to the districts’
collectors and that they have to declare how the funds have been spent. The
centre is furious about diversion of the huge amount of Rs.700 crore.

Fake accounts in the past as

It is being wondered if the state
Government will give true statement for this or it will offer fake accounts and
escape. The centre earlier demanded account for the Rs.1800 crore sanctioned
for the capital. Then Chandrababu’s Government falsely presented that Raj
Bhavan and High Court had been built!

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