TDP using yellow media to attack YS Jagan's padayatra

We accuse. You prove your innocence. For far too long, this has been the TDP strategy vis a vis YS Jagan. Candrababu used the Yellow media to highlight court cases and ED chargesheets to vilify YS Jagan. Even now, Chandrababu seems to be following the same strategy.

Till recently, the TDP machinery blamed YS Jagan in the name of Paradise papers and Panama papers. The TDP said YS Jagan has invested in offshore accounts. The Yellow Media trumpeted the same story ad nauseum. Chandrababu parrots the same story. But, YS Jagan has dared the TDP establishment to prove that he had invested even a single rupee off shore. He made this challenge during his hugely successful Praja Sankalpa Yatra. But, the TDP has not picked up the gauntlet. What more, today’s allegation is not backed by a supporting follow up story next day.

The Yellow Brigade did the same thing during Nandyal bypolls. They cooked up a story on a TV channel saying that YS Jagan is going to tie up with the BJP. This had hit the YSRCP prospects in the polls. Now, he is again planting similar stories. The strategy is simple. Defame the padayatra and prevent those from the TDP from joining the YSRCP. The TDP is unnerved by the massive turnout at YS Jagan’s meetings.


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