Student Suicides: Chandrababu's Warning Only An Eye Wash

Without taking any action against Corporate educational institutions on the spate of student suicides reported recently,  Chandrababu Naidu constituted a committee to propose recommendations for changes in the existing corporate education system.  

In an eye wash, the Chief Minister only warned the college management to stop harassing students on the pretext of ranks in the meeting held with college representatives. The government neither shut the Institutions nor arrested the managements responsible for students suicides.  Chandrababu confined to making suggestions to the managements in the meeting.  

State HRD minister Ganta Srinivas Rao also tried to project the suicide issue in low intensity by saying that students committed suicide due to family problems and lover affairs. Notwithstanding the victims explained mounting pressure was the main reason to take extreme step in their suicide letters,  the minister came to the rescue of colleges and put the onus on student community for the suicides. 
To the worse,  State Municipal Administration and Urban Development minister P Narayana,  who owned Narayana educational institutions, also maintained stoic silence on suicides reported in his own institutions.  

The negligent attitude adopted by Andhra Pradesh government already invited wrath from the student community who will revolt against the Chandrababu government soon. 
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