The Splendour Of Pushkarams

  • River Krishnaveni glows with
    the spirit and beauty of pushkarams
  • Sacred dip in the flow of the
  • YSRCP wishes all the devotees

The word pushkaram translated to ‘something
that nurtures’, i.e. water. Water nurtures every living being. Water has great
importance in Hindu tradition. Hinduism emphasizes water as the basis of life.
Hence, rivers are worshipped and rituals like pushkarams have come to be

The mythological importance
of pushkarams

Mythology mentions a person Tundila, who worshipped
Lord Shiva, who blessed him to be in the form of water, having Lordship over 32
crore sacred water bodies. This tundila then became famous and remembered as ‘Pushkara’.
At the time of the nature’ creation by Lord Brahma, Pushkara played a major
role, being in the form of water. Since then, Pushkara has had the honour of
traveling along with Brihaspathi (Jupiter and the Guru of Gods). Pushkara is
said to be a form of Lord Shiva himself. Astrologically, Brihaspathi a.k.a
Jupiter is said to live in every sunsign for a year. So he changes sunsign
a.k.a raashi once every year. So along with him Pushkara enters the river
collaborated with that particular raashi, every year. As Brihaspathi enter the
raashi ‘Kanya’, Pushkara is said to inhabit River Krishna.

The ritual of pushkarams

Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are
worshipped at the time of pushkarams. Sacred bath/dip is observed in river in
order to worship the Lord Shiva in liquid form. People stand facing the flow of
the river and pray. They take the sacred bath and worship the river. Later,
ancestors are worshipped and sought blessings from. Then they visit nearby
temples as much as possible.


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