Sharmila’s style reminds one of YSR’s!

She is a young woman
but she roared like a lion in front of a mammoth crowd. She is a novice in
politics but she has the wisdom to speak with the tone of an experienced
politician. She is not an orator but she dealt at length on issues with an
authority and in detail.

She is none other than
Sharmila who thundered ‘I am the arrow shot by Jagananna’ on the first day of
her Padayatra.

The mannerism and body
language of Sharmila are reminiscent of those of the late YSR who developed an
aura of political magnetism around himself with his speeches and clarity of

Sharmila too delivered
her dialogues with punches and dignity which also marked the speeches of YSR.
Sharmila took time between her dialogues to ensure that what she said earlier went
down into the hearts of her listeners.

The first two days of
Sharmila’s padayatra has made it clear that she wants to interact with people
at the grass root level and also take their approval for what she says. Her
novel way of asking the people, “we are facing severe power scarcity and this
situation has arisen just because the Government has no foresight of the
impending trouble. Is it not so?” is inimitable and decisive.

The way people have responded to her style of
interaction also indicates in no uncertain terms that they see an emerging
leader in her and a leader who would fulfill their aspirations.

(Updated on Oct 19, 2012)

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