The Secret Behind The Hasty Inauguration

  • The work began exactly a year ago
  • Extra fund allotment only if the work is completed in a year
  • That explains its hasty inauguration by Chandrababu
  • Hyderabad: The reason behind CM Chandrababu Naidu's hastily inaugurating Pattiseema scheme is uncovered. Only if it is shown that the work has been completed within a year, can more funds be attained and benefiting the contractors is possible. Hence, it is rumoured that the work has been wound up quickly.

    It has been stinking of corruption since the beginning
    Pattiseema scheme itself was born out if corruption. To sideline the Polavaram work that could have benefited the Telugu-speaking people, Chandrababu brought Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme into picture. He also brought a special GO for its implementation. The regulations regarding tenders were changed at their will and car was taken so that the tenders reached the organizations of their choice. Later agreement was made for those organisations to get 21%  extra funds. In reality, tenders exceeding more than 5% of the estimated expenditure should not be allowed. Still Chandrababu managed to enter into this agreement. Though the scheme had to be completed within a year, payment of a bonus of 16% was announced for it.

    The actual story begins now
    The work was commenced on the 29th of March in 2015 but it went ahead with low quality. Many ways were looked for to make it look like Pattiseema work was completed. It was announced that it would come to an end by the 15th of August. But not a step was taken by that time. Still dedication of the project to the nation was announced. With pipeline borrowed from Rayalaseema, they made it look all right.

    Integration with 2 jugs of water
    The Government bragged about having held a trial run from Pattiseema. But ultimately there was no water. Chandrababu also credited himself for integrating two rivers for the first time in the country. River Godavari and River Krishna were said to have been integrated. But as there was no water, 2 mugs of water was poured and integration was declared.

    Inauguration follows the same fashion
    As one year duration would be over by 29th, Chandrababu devised his style of plan in order to benefit the contractor. It was decided to conduct the inauguration ceremony in spite of incomplete work. Irrespective of the flow of water, inauguration was done. With this, stage was set for extra payment for the contractor.

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