It Is That Time Of The Year For Babu Again

Hyderabad: The TDP Government resorted to degraded politics in the matter of invites for pushkarams. The conspiracy plotted by Chandrababu to diminish the image f the leader of opposition backfired. His attempts to use a Dalit minister and MLA to defame YS Jagan did not work efficiently.

TDP's tainted politics
  • The conspiracy politics of Chandrababu's Government surfaced again in light of pushkarams.
  • The month of August seems to be stimulating to Chandrababu evil thoughts.
  • It was in the month of August that he backstabbed his father-in-law NT Ramarao and mentally tortured him.
  • Now he plotted a plan to deliberately defame the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan.
  • Chandrababu decided to exploit pushkarams as the backdrop to humiliate and seek revenge.
  • In spite of roaming around in the state as well as in New Delhi holding Pushkaram invites, Babu, his ministers and his MLAs intentionally ignored the opposition.
  • Chandrababu sent a minister and an MLA to the residence of YS Jagan on the day after the commencement of pushkarams.
  • He planned on using the Dalit minister and the MLAs as shield to politically stab YS Jagan.
  • Ravela Kishore Babu and Kuna Ravi Kumar reached Lotus Pond along with the media in YS Jagan's absence, as per Babu's direction.
  • While leaving the place, they deliberately gave an impression to the media that they had been insulted upon trying to invite the leader of opposition, in spite of being treated with respect.
  • Babu is trying to harm the YS family that has always wished for his well-being.
  • He breached the protocol by not inviting YS Jagan in the first place.
  • Babu has grown the habit of insulting the opposition whenever a Government programme is done.
  • People are at disgust by the behaviour of Chandrababu.

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