Chandrababu Wholly Responsible For Delay In Pushkaram Work

  • Delay in beginning
    pushkaram works
  • TDP leaders given a
    chance to earn the contracts through nomination system
  • Low quality work with
    high boasting
  • Chandrababu’s coterie
    rob crores of rupees

Vijayawada: With just a few
more hours till the commencement of Krishna pushkarams, the work that needs to
be done is still incomplete. The work at primary ghats is not yet over. The
arrangements for devotees’ stay also have not been done. Beautification and
electrification work also seems to be lagging. The changing rooms for women re
also incompletely built. The highways that lead to Punnami, the VIP ghat, are
not ready. Toilets at any ghat are not constructed completely. This is the situation
in Vijayawada, the primary centre of pushkarams.

Durga Ghat

CM command control
room is still being worked on at Durga Ghat. Highway work is still lagging
behind. Tile work at the ghats has not yet been started. The computers and
other technical equipment intended for supervision by the CM have not yet been
installed. Drinking water provision also is unavailable yet.

Krishnaveni Ghat

At Krishnaveni Ghat,
even the cement work is still going on. Supply of electricity and CC cameras
are dysfunctional. The officials responsible for barricading are totally
unresponsive. Footpath still needs to be constructed at the park constructed
near the ghat. 

Gollapudi – Sacred merge

Gollapudi ghat’s
construction is complete. Tiles have been placed on half of the area. Same is
the case with Guntupalli ghat too. The ghat built at Tumamlapalem got damaged.
Vehicle parking facility and provision of drinking water are incomplete.
Endowments department failed to provide even one-third of the requirements
asked for Sacred Harathi Ritual.

Padmavathi Ghat

There are no toilets
in Padmavathi Ghat. Even for the few toilets that were installed, provision of
pipelines and power connection are not done. The staircase that needs to be
constructed didn’t still take shape. No point for drinking water has been

Deliberately planned

Most of the work has
not been started till the end, thereby successfully putting aside tendering
system. TD leaders managed to earn contracts through nomination system. They
showed favouritism and gave away as much money as demanded. Hundreds of crores
of rupees have been swallowed. Officials are least bothered to question the
inefficiency of the work going on.


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