Chandrabababu Bullied Nandyal Voters, Uses Money and Muscle Power To Win

Fearing defeat, all  political gimmicks played by AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu helped the ruling party to win the by election in Nandyal Assembly Constituency.  

Chandrababu resorted to all illegal means ranging from constant threats and allurement of  voters , misuse of power and  distribution of money and liquor to defeat the YSR Congress Party.  

Not only this, the whole AP cabinet camped in Nandyal Assembly and exploited  the official machinery including police department to make easy  TDP win the elections. The ruling TDP had spent nearly Rs 500 crore to lure the voters in the election.  

Going beyond,  Chandrababu warned voters that the benefits of welfare schemes like pension and development of roads and supply of drinking water will be stopped if they did not vote in favour of his Telugu Desam. Analysts said the CM intimidated voters from the beginning of election campaign.  Many of them feared they will lose thier livelihoods and voted TDP.  

Continuing his deceived politics, the CM made several false promises  that he will develop Nandyal.  In 2014 elections,  he announced that he will promote Nandyal as Smart city.  But the tall promises remained on papers. 
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