Can Chiru salvage the sinking Cong boat?

“But all the love in the world won’t save a sinking ship. You have to either bail or jump overboard,” says the well known American novelist Sarah Dessen in her popular novel ‘What Happened to Goodbye’.

The plight of the congress party and that of its government in the state is similar to a sinking ship and the voluminous efforts put to use by the Congress high command would not be able to salvage it in any way.

The high command’s exercise in creating a hullaballoo of its series of discussions with the AP Congress leaders including chief minister Kirankumar Reddy over the last two days in Delhi is partly aimed at attracting media hype and partly intended to send signal to the people that it was pulling off a miracle.  

The Delhi Durbar, which is in a confused state of mind vis-à-vis its party affairs in the state, is apparently planning a change of guard in both government and the party with a view to preparing for the 2014 elections.

Going by media reports, the party high command seems to be toying with the idea of handing over a key responsibility to the mega star turned-politician Chiranjeevi. Even though speculation is rife for a long period that the actor would be asked to play an important role, the sudden spurt of activity in Delhi over the AP affairs has invariably attracted the media attention.

Some pro-Chiranjeevi channels and sections of the web media have gone overboard in reporting that the actor is even being considered as a replacement for the beleaguered Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Whether or not the mega star will replace the PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana or CM Kirankumar Reddy is not, however, the basic question. Rather, the paramount issue is whether or not Chiranjeevi would be able to manage the affairs if given the responsibility as PCC chief or CM.

When the seasoned politician Botsa Satyanarayana has found himself vulnerable to the pulls and pressures from different groups and failed to make a mark in his attempts to resurrect the party, it would be unrealistic to expect a miracle from Chiranjeevi, undoubtedly a political novice in Congress affairs.

Irrespective of who will replace whom in the state congress or in the government, there are no indications of the congress party being salvaged. The effort could only be called a wasteful exercise aimed at preventing further sinking of its boat which is eager to capsize.

Updated on Aug 25, 2012

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