CAG exposes Chandrababu's unbridled corruption

He said he would irrigate lakhs of acres
He assured he would speed up the pending projects
He wanted revised estimates to be approved to enable contractors to speed up works
He changed the contractors
Then came theatrics like Jala Harathis and dedication of the projects
But, when CAG finally studied the state of affairs, the revelations were stunning
The works did not move an inch
The CAG has said in no uncertain terms that there is not an iota of truth in Chandrababu’s irrigation claims
Not just that, the Chandrababu Government did not take any action over the last three consecutive CAG reports

It has now come to light that Chandrababu’s White Paper on irrigation schemes, where he claimed that he would complete all the projects except Polavaram and Handri Neeva with Rs 17368 crore, was a hog wash. Not a single new acre has been stabilized. What more, year on year, the area under agriculture is actually coming down.

Though the CAG submitted a report on the irregularities galore in Pattiseema LIS project, the Chandrababu Government did not bother to order an inquiry. It also paid no heed to the CAG pointing out the cost escalation. Now CAG is taking a serious view of all these. The Principal Accountant General has asked the government to initiate action against the irrigation and finance departments on the corruption in the Polavaram  works. But, the Government is deafeningly silent. Let’s hope there is no let up in CAG’s exposes where it will lay bare how funds were released but no work was ever done in various projects. 

Let’s hope CAG will expose Chandrababu Naidu’s acts of commission and omission.
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