A Budget Full of Loopholes

  • Magic with Numbers
  • Unrealistic Calculations
  • Meaningless Points 

Hyderabad: Annual budget is filled with unrealistic figures. Cutting on the allotments to certain crucial departments, prominence has been given to unimportant issues in a spendthrift way. Budget speech has been lengthened but development has been shortened. It has been shown that agricultural products have reduced. On the contrary, it has been said that agriculture sector has developed. How is that even possible? It is natural for income to come down when production comes down. Then how is development possible? There is no clarity on the assistance given to the farmers. 

Funds allotted to waiver of loans will leave you astonished. Rs.3000 crore was allotted and it has been pictured as if a lot has been done. A total debt of Rs.87,000 crore has piled up and when penalty charges added up, the interest has reached Rs.24,000 crore. Then what can be accomplished with the sanctioned Rs.3,500 crore? This does not even equal one-fifth of the total amount of interest. The promises made to various classes of people do not compare with the funds allotted. Allotments to BC and Kapu communities have been considered insufficient by the respective classes. In simple words, the budget has tried to present false as true and is unable to reflect the reality.

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