AgriGold Scam, an unnatural calamity

Will AgriGold victims ever get justice?

It’s an unnatural calamity. The victims haven’t been hit by a cyclone or a deluge. Their lives haven’t been shattered by a quake or a landslide. They haven’t been crushed by a furious truck or an out-of-control automobile. They are the victims of a treachery perpetrated by the finance company they trusted, orchestrated by a government that they believed in.

Yes. We are talking of AgriGold victims. Over 19.30 lakh gullible depositors put every farthing they earned through their sweat and blood in the hope that they would get good returns. Some invested thousands, yet others invested in lakhs. One fine morning, the company went kaput leaving the countless depositors in the lurch. Unable to withstand the shock, several depositors died, many more left completely shattered. Agents ended lives unable to face the depositors’ ire.  Repeated pleas with the government yielded no results as those in power were hand in glove with the perpetrators. 

The issue came up in the Cabinet meets, but precious little was done. The promoters and functionaries were arrested and then released on bail. While the depositors are languishing, the owners are roaming freely. The government too is playing its vicious game. It has not tried to recover money by selling AgriGold assets, which are worth over Rs 20000 crore. After all, the amount to be paid to the depositors is just Rs 6800 crore. But, the government has undervalued the assets at just a few hundred crore. Strangely, while the value of every other asset is rising, only AgriGold assets are depreciating.

Only the YSRCP is fighting for the AgriGold victims. The victims, who have staged protests, held fasts and took out rallies, found a friend in the YSRCP. It is fighting alongside them and is organisign relay fasts across the state. It is holding meets with the AgriGold victims at the mandal level. It is trying to force the Government to see reason and reach out to the victims. Despite court ordrs, it is not trying to auction the assets. Companies like Essel World, which came forward to buy the assets, were turned back. Now the properties are up for grabs for the TDP worthies. YSRCP chief YS Jagan has assured to take up cudgels on behalf of the AgriGold victims. When the victims met him to pour out their woes, he announced that he will broadbase the struggle and stand for them in the hour of their need.

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