Adinarayana Reddy Should Quit

Strange are the ways of the TDP leaders. From Chandrababu Naidu to his colleagues, all are vying with one another in making offensive remarks against the Dalits.
It may be recalled here that Chandrababu Naidu has courted controversy with his comments on dalits. He openly said that whether anyone shows willingness to be born as dalit. The statement had grabbed political attention and dalits have showen their angerness over his disparaging comments.
Recently, Chandrababu gave an open warning to voters. "If you don’t like my administration, do not take pensions doled out by my government, nor walk on the roads laid by my government," he told a group of people who had come to meet him at Nandyal.
The other day, TDP minister Adinarayana Reddy made some really offensive remarks on the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes. Adinarayana Reddy made these objectionable comments at an official outing. the minister said the Dalits were unclean, uncouth and uneducated. He said despite several efforts by the Government, they were lagging behind in education.
He made these remarks at the meeting of the hospital development committee in Jammalamadugu of Kadapa district, where government official, hospital superintendent and others were present. He has even commented disparaging comments on the reservations.
In his speech, though the reservations have now been extended for 70 years. Yet, the Dalits have shown no improvement. He said there was no effort on the part of the Dalits to change themselves. They are in the same condition, he said.
His comments reeked of caste hegemony and many leaders and the public are demanding action against him for the comments. The YSRCP leaders demanded the Government to sack him immidiately from the cabinet.
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