YSRCP flays State for rushing thru coop polls

Press Release

Hyderabad, January 22: Condemning the large-scale irregularities in the voter enrollment for the cooperative elections, YSR Congress has said the State Government has taken up the exercise only to get a hold of the cooperative bodies though the elections are supposed to be apolitical.

“The Government has rushed through the process and resorted to many irregularities only to take control over the cooperative bodies. We condemn attitude of the State Government and the way in which it has steering the elections,” party senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Tuesday.

The magnitude of the irregularities can be gauged from the fact that over 10 lakh members were registered overnight. On the last day, over 11 lakh members were enrolled which shows that the exercise is a farce.

The ledgers were tampered with heavily and we have reports from Nalgonda, Chittoor, Mahboobnagar, Warangal, Kadapa, Guntur, East Godavari, Prakasam,Nellore and Visakhapatnam districts and other places about large-scale irregularities. There were irregularities even at Narsaraopet, the constituency of the minister for Cooperative Societies, he said. 

The government which has no sympathy for farmers and could not provide Minimum Support Price (MSP) has now shown keen interest in enrolling their people as members. Farmers who are not favourable to the government were denied membership.

When farmers protested they were arrested and false cases were foisted on them and jailed. This can happen only in Kiran Kumar Reddy government, he said.

We have brought the irregularities to the notice of the Governor ESL Narasimhan but no action was taken.

The State has undertaken the elections in a hurry only to avoid some obligations if they are held after February.

We strongly condemn the attitude of the State Government which is trying its strong arm tactics in these apolitical elections, he said. Though there are some cases pending in the court, the notification was issued which shows that the State has no transparency.

On the arrest of MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, he said, the Government has been functioning in a vindictive manner as it is digging up old cases and arresting political adversaries once they sever ties with Congress.

On Telangana issue, he reiterated that YSRCP has told its view point but it is only Congress that has not spelt out its stand. The two representatives of Congress have given two contrasting view points but the actual stand was not given as of now.

CBI contending that Government was not cooperating in the investigation process only speaks of its intention to prolong the case as it did not tell the same reason to Supreme Court when it asked to complete the investigation as early as possible, he said.

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