YSRCP dares TDP to move no trust motion

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YSRCP dares TDP to move no trust motion

September 10: Alleging that TDP has a tacit understanding with Congress at the
State and Centre, YSRCP spokesperson VasiredyPadama has dared N Chandrababu
Naidu to move a no confidence motion on the opening day of the Monsoon session
of Assembly.

Speaking to media
here on Monday, she said; “The recent meeting of the TDP President with Prime
Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh raises doubts that the main opposition Party in the
State is working in tandem with the ruling Congress.”

We have seen
such unholy alliance during the nomination of Information Commissioners, during
the recent by-polls and on many other occasions. “The allegation of TDP leaders
that our Party will merge with Congress is ridiculous. We have given a
rejoinder in the strongest possible terms and have successfully fought the
false propaganda unleashed by some vested interests,” she said.

It is TDP,
which has been working with unison with Congress while we have been in the
forefront of the battleground ever since our Party was formed. “Should TDP
justify its anti-Congress brand the Party should move a no confidence motion in
the ensuing assembly session and we will support it. People will know who is on
which side of the fence.”

unpleasant reports have been circulated, deliberately or otherwise, about
YSRCP, but we have made our stand loud and clear that we are the challengers in
the State and our Party will play an important role at the Centre in the days
to come.

aside TDP allegations that YSRCP has been using media to further its political
cause, Padma said, “Political Parties that have no public support rely heavily
on slanted reports and biased media. The mandate our Party got is evident from
the recent by-polls,” she said.

Recalling a recent report about corporate funding
of political parties, she said, TDP and Congress were the major beneficiaries
in the state according to the study. Only the disclosed amount runs into Rs 50
crore in case of TDP and we demand that an inquiry should be ordered into the
functioning and funds-flow of NTR Trust of which N Chandrababu Naidu is the
sole custodian, she said.

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