YSRCP: Sonia accused No 1, Naidu No 2

Press Release

Hyderabad, Oct 15, 2013: Calling Congress President Sonia Gandhi and TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu accused No.1 and 2 respectively for the arbitrary bifurcation of the state, YSR Congress Party on Tuesday asked the Centre to review and revoke its decision of bifurcation.

Addressing media persons here, party senior leader and MP, Mekapati Rajamohana Reddy said YSRCP will not accept anything short of Samaikyandhra as a solution to the present crisis. Congress leadership decided to divide the state based on the letter submitted by TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu in favour of Telangana formation, Mekapati said, accusing TDP MPs of enacting dramas over resignations.

“Are you for a unified state or bifurcation?” he questioned the TDP chief and asked him to stop playing dramas and clarify his stand on the issue. “Chandrababu failed to clarify his stand on the issue to the national media also during his Deeksha in Delhi,” Mekapati remarked.

Seemandhra TDP MPs also should stop their double standards and bring pressure on Naidu to ensure the withdrawal of his letter of support for bifurcation, he suggested.

Mekapati said Naidu has a lurking fear that his involvement in IMG and Emaar scandals that took place during his regime may be exposed if YSRCP comes into power in Samaikyandhra.

“Or else, declare your stand openly for Samaikyandhra and withdraw your letter of support for Telangana formation,” he told Naidu, adding even now it is not too late to do so.

Rajamohana Reddy said Naidu, who sought a compensation of 4 to 5 lakh crores for the construction of new capital city after the CWC decision, has changed his stance only after coming to know of the intensity of the agitation in Rayalaseema and coastal regions.

Finding fault with the Congress leadership and the Centre for deciding on the division of AP while the demands for separate states of Vidarbha and Ghorkhaland and for dividing UP are also pending and unattended, he demanded the Congress to withdraw its decision as it has failed to render equal justice to all regions in the state. 

“We have weak governments at the Centre and perhaps keeping this in mind, both Congress and BJP also wanted weak states. This could be the reason for both parties supporting the bifurcation,” he said in a sarcastic vein.

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