Speaker: YS Vijayamma -Feb29,2012

Touching a raw nerve, YSR Congress Party legislator, YS Vijayamma on Wednesday embarrassed the Congress members by asking why a counter was not filed against the PIL of Dr P Shankar Rao who questioned the 26 GOs issued by the state government.
“It was a policy decision and many members who were part of the cabinet are still in the House as ministers and members. I am here not for politicising issues, but I am here on people’s behalf to voice their concern,” she said while speaking in the assembly on the motion to thank governor’s address. 
Lashing out at Congress, she said: you may have differences with YSR and can be vindictive, in the process our names can be included in cases and dragged to CBI, IT, ED and House Committees, but we have the spirit to fight to it out, I only request you not to reflect this witch-hunt on farmers, weavers, students and weaker sections by fading his welfare schemes out, she said. 
Shifting to a mode of satire, she quoted TangaturiPrakasamPanthulu who once told his associate that the opponent will not harm him as he had done no favour to him (opponent) much to the embarrassment of the treasury benches. 
Leading the Congress Party from the all-time low of 26 legislators, YSR has struggled hard to bring the party back to power in the State and Centre as well. People who flocked around him were treated as brothers and sisters by YSR.       
Many of you here are partners of the welfare schemes. Why are they not being implemented? she questioned. 
 “We are prepared to take on the vindictive attitude of the Congress but do not punish the farmers, weavers, students, senior citizens and women by diluting the welfare schemes introduced by YSR,” she said.

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