Speaker: GattuRamachandraRao -jan20,2012

YSRC Party on Friday said the Congress Party has mortgaged the self-respect of Telugu people in Delhi Durbar and was bringing back the pre-1983 scene where three chief ministers were changed in quick succession evoking resentment and ire of the common man. 
“Chief Minister K Kiran Kumar Reddy and State Congress President BotsaSatyanarayana are vying with each other to prove their loyalty to Delhi bosses and in the process have ignored peoples’ interests,” YSRC official spokesperson GattuRamachandraRao told reporters at the Party officer here on Friday.
“The Chief Minister has proved to be the most inefficient person as he could not even finalise two names for ministerial berths while Chiranjeevi’s sell-out has been complete on the quid pro quo basis,” he said.
Chiranjeevi and his MLAs, who won on an anti-Congress vote, should explain to the people whether Congress agreed to fulfil all his promises mentioned in the manifesto, he said. 
“People should know whether or not PRP exists and the ministers who secured a berth should be identified with Congress or with PRP,” he said. 
While Trinamol Congress Chief MamataBenerjee could get Rs 8,000 crores aid to West Bengal, Kiran Kumar Reddy, who has 33 MPs elected under the dynamic leadership of YSR, had absolutely no say in the filling up of two berths in his own cabinet, he said. 
Taking strong objection to TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu’s remarks on YSR statues, he said: “it is unbecoming of a person who held the post of Chief Minister to talk in such a manner. 
“Naidu has been speaking in such a tone in sheer frustration. After YSR’s death, a glimmer of hope arose in him but seeing the popularity of Jagan Mohan Reddy the TDP leader again drowned into frustration and is speaking through his hat,” he said. 
“The TDP president who said that Dubai has flourishing without agriculture and had a low opinion on farmers, now going on a RythuPorubata sounds ridiculous,” he said.

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