Naidu speaking out of frustration, says Ambati

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 Naidu speaking out of frustration, says Ambati 

October 22: The impractical promises and nine-point programme announced by TDP
leader N Chandrababu Naidu stems out of frustration as all options of getting
nearer to the people have exhausted and his padayatra, with an eye on coming to
power, is a far cry going by the recent surveys and the lukewarm response his
trek is getting, YSR Congress has said. 

is promising moon in course of his padayatra. Yet people do not believe him as
his promises are in total contrast to what he has practiced while in power, be
it the nine-hour power,   waiver of loans or a new medicare
scheme,” YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Monday. 

Naidu’s dreams of returning to power will not materialise as his use-and-throw
policy has sunk in deep in the people, his family members and party leaders as
well. In order to cover up the shortcomings, he has been on a promising spree
during the padayatra, without even considering the feasibility of the schemes
he has been promising.

of explaining how he would implement the schemes he has been promising, he is
taking the hypothetical route saying that he would implement when he becomes
Chief Minister. This line of argument clearly shows that the aim of his
padayatra is for political gains. 

has been emulating her father YSR in the padayatra which is aimed at meeting
the people to know their problems first hand and to expose the failures of the
State Government and how it has been diluted or destroyed YSR welfare schemes,”
he said. 

has taken up the exercise in place of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is not in
position to take up the padayatra and the growing popularity has scared
Chandarbabu Naidu further and he has stooped to a new low and is whipping up
religious and other issues attributing motives to YSR family members, he said
adding that the secular credentials of YSR family need not be reestablished. 

frustration has been increasing with every passing day of Sharmila’s padayatra
and his incoherent speeches and promises stand a testimony to it. “It is not
true that everyone who undertakes padayatra

a chief minister. Unlike Chandrababu Naidu, Sharmila is undertaking padayatra
in place of her brother and to know the pulse of the people and their plight in
the aftermath of YSR,” he said. 

asked about Sharmila’s padayatra in Telangana region, he said: “In a free
country anyone can carry out the democratic process of meeting public anywhere.
We don’t anticipate any trouble during her padayatra in the Telangana region.
Our stand on Telangana was clearly told during the Plenary and we stick to it,”
he said.

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