Maro Praja prasthanam begins amidst thunderous response

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Maro  Praja prasthanam begins amidst thunderous

Iupulapaya, October 18: Maro Praja Prashtanam Padayatra by
Sharmila took off with a firm resolve to expose the inefficiency of the State
Government and its nexus with the ever-compromising Opposition TDP, which
refuses to move no confidence motion as the two parties have a common interest
in targetting YS Jagan Mohan Mohan Reddy to establish a bi-polar polity in Andhra

“Nine years back YSR has undertaken the first Praja Prasthanam
under similar circumstances with people of all sections being neglected by the
then TDP government and the Kiran Kumar Reddy government is now churning in the
same mould. While Jagan should have been amidst you to carry out his father’s
legacy, since he is confined to jail by vested interests, his daughter Sharmila
is undertaking the padayatra with your blessings to be with the people and
assure you of the golden era of 2004-2009,” Party Honorary President, YS
Vijayamma said before flagging off the Padayatra here on Thursday.

“Of the two children I have, one is wrongfully jailed and the
other one is hitting the road as YSR family, committed for bringing in a
welfare state, has been the target of Congress, TDP and vested interests. The
Congress government has scant respect for the well being of the people and has
been writing off one scheme after the other besides imposing heavy taxes
further burdening the already distressed common man. Main opposition TDP, which
is supposed to raise people’s issues, has been busy on a secret agenda having a
tie-up with ruling Congress and they are mutually helping each other,” she said
addressing a large gathering after paying homage at the YSR Samadhi with other
family members and Party leaders.

Before embarking on the 3,000-km padayatra, Sharmila said, “I am
carrying out this padayatra to expose the inefficiency of the State Government
and why the TDP, as a responsible Opposition Party, is not moving the no
confidence motion. I sought the blessings of God, my father, brother YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy and you the people while carrying out this mass contact programme.”

The nexus between Congress and TDP has come into the open on
more than one occasion and the recent one being the TDP leaders meeting Union
Finance Minister P Chidambaram hours before Enforcement Directorate (ED), which
works under his Ministry, served an attachment notice on Sakshi Group on the
eve of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s bail petition verdict was to be pronounced by the
Supreme Court.


“The TDP leaders were not giving a representation on people’s
problems but were carrying out the orders of N Chandrababu Naidu, who wanted to
keep Jagan away from people as far as possible. Naidu, who has been a silent
spectator to the non-functioning of the State Government, was demanding his
pound of flesh as Congress and TDP wanted to have only a two-party rule in the
State,” she said.

Growing popularity of YSRCP has been an eye-sore and the two
Parties have come together in targeting YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, but people’s
mandate has always been with us, she said adding that the Padayatra is a
definition of the determination YSR Congress has for the uplift of the
neglected sections.  Farmers, students, women and all other sections are
unhappy with the governance, or the lack of it, as Aarogyasri fell sick and the
acute power crisis and heavy doses of taxation has burdened the people heavily.

Describing Chandrababu Naidu as a bundle of lies, the
mother-daughter duo said his double standards are wide in the open. The person,
who came to power by backstabbing his father-in-law, has scrapped all the
welfare schemes of NTR, including subsidised power to farmers, Rs 2 –kg rice
and total prohibition schemes. Kiran Kumar Reddy is also following Naidu path
by scrapping all the welfare schemes of YSR.

Naidu, who is undertaking padayatra, has not changed and his
past of treating farmers as non-entities and agriculture as a wasteful venture
will haunt him.

They gave a blow by blow account of the contrasting style of
functioning between the YSR term and the present Congress Government style of
functioning which is reminiscent to the nine-year TDP rule of N Chandrababu

Brushing aside detractors’ versions, Sharmila said; I am
undertaking the padayatra as a primary member of YSRCP. This programme should
have been taken up by my brother Jagan. Since the vested interests have kept
him in jail, I am shouldering the responsibility and this journey has 
twin purpose of highlighting the failures of State Government and seeking
explanation from TDP as to why it is shirking responsibility and is not
prepared to move no-confidence motion.”

Before taking the first steps, she took her mother’s blessings
and hugged sister-in-law YS Bharathi. On the first day, she will walk for 13

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