Can Naidu bring back his 9-yr rule?

 Taking strong objection to N Chandrababu Naidu remarks on YS
Vijayamma and her demand for a no trust move against the State Government to be
moved by the main opposition party, YSRCP has said “we will go to the people
promising the revival of YSR golden era, is TDP prepared to promise that it
will bring back its nine-year rule.”

we are going to the people promising the revival of YSR rule, can Chandrababu
Naidu dare tell people that he will bring back his nine-year rule. Instead he
has been very critical of the State Government in which case, he has to oblige
for moving a no confidence motion,” the party leader and Lok Sabha member,
Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy told media in Hyderabad on Saturday. .

TDP leader has been repeatedly telling that the State Government has failed on
all fronts, it is his bounden duty to move a no trust vote in the Assembly and
our Honorary President YS Vijayamma has precisely demanded that,” he said.

Naidu in a bid to cover up his failures has been questioning the validity of YS
Vijayamma demanding no confidence motion and his tone suggests as if our leader
has no knowledge about the democratic process of moving the trust vote, but it
was told in full consciousness and it is also a reminder of the duty of the
main opposition party, he said.

the charge that YSRCP has been raising the no trust bogey to ensure the quick
release of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, he said: “In that case, there is no need for
our Party leader to be in jail this long. CBI has acted very swiftly in the
case and has pressed 28 teams into action to conduct raids on 70 places. All
the criticism stems out of the fear of rejection once again from the people as
TDP lost deposit in two Parliament seats and 24 of the 45 MLA seats, for which
by-polls were held after YSR death.

Congress government has no people’s mandate as votes were polled for YSR good
governance in 2009 and after his death all his welfare schemes have been
dropped one after the other. Fear of being marginalisation the two parties came
together and formed a nexus to keep YS Jagan Mohan Reddy away from the people,
he said.

Chandrababu Naidu has been on padayatra, Kiran Kumar Reddy is on Indiramma bata
and the both the parties have taken aback with the announcement of Maro Praja
Prasthanam by Sharmila with the promise to bring back YSR golden era and also
to force the main opposition TDP to move a no confidence motion against the
State Government as it has failed on all fronts.

asked in what capacity Sharmila is undertaking the padayatra, he said “she is
the daughter of YSR and sister of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who will take over from
her whenever he is released. Jr NTR and Balakrishna could campaign in the 2009
elections without holding any positions in the Party. Sharmila had campaigned
during the by-polls along with YS Vijayamma and there was a good response, he

(Updated on October 13,2012 )

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