Failure To Keep Promises

Visakhapatnam: Coordinator of Visakhapatnam North constituency, Tainala Vijay Kumar, conducted Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at the 36th wardand Ashok Nagar area of the city. Local people explained to him the problems they were facing. They reported that they were not getting ration and pension properly and their roads and drainage system were very poor. As they complained that none of the Goverment's schemes were reaching them, Vijy Kumar assured them that YSRCP rule would alleviate all their problems and called for bidding good bye to TDP in the next elections.

East Godavari: Satya Prasad and Pothamsetty Prasad held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at the first ward of Mandapet, supervised by cnstituency coordinator Pattabhi Ramaiah Chowdary and state secretary Reddy Radhakrishna. Pattabhi Ramaiah demanded that all the qualified people should get pension. He commented that DWCRA women and poor people were disappointed to see their loans not being waived as promised. He criticised the Government's failure in keeping its poll promises.

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