YSRCP will bring back welfare state

Chevella (RR Dt) April
27, 2013:  YSR Congress Party honourary
president Smt. Y. S. Vijayamma reiterated on Saturday that YSR family will
never go back on its promise of bringing the welfare state back to people.

“YSR family stands by
its word of bringing back the welfare state for you. After coming to power
under the leadership of Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, YSR Congress Party will
reintroduce all the welfares schemes once implemented by YSR to usher in the
welfare state again,” she told people at a Rachchabanda programme at Chevella
as part of her 1-day tour of the RR district.

Smt. Vijayamma’s spirited response follows her
listening to the multiplicity of problems narrated by the locals earlier.

only YSR had been alive….

If YSR had been alive,
we wouldn’t have been in this distress today and we wouldn’t have been facing
these problems which have ruined our lives.

This is the rhetoric
expressed by the Chevella people at the Rachchabanda interaction where Smt.
Vijayamma tried to know the problems of the locals.

The interaction
programme, attended by the locals including women, the aged, daily labourers
and students, witnessed the echo of plethora of complaints on lack of drinking
water facilities, inflated power bills, non-arrival of pensions and the absence
of Arogya Sri scheme.

The locals told her
that they were not happy with the Re.1 a kg rice scheme as the prices of
vegetables have gone up multifold. “The hiked rates of vegetables are only
adding to our power bills burden,” the locals told her.

There is nothing to eat, nowhere to go and no one
who will listen to our woes, they told Vijayamma.

“If YSR had been alive, he would have listened to
our woes and done something to mitigate our suffering. But, no one is caring
for our problems now,” they said narrating their plethora of problems.

meets farmers

When Smt. Vijayamma met farmers and women at
Chittempally, her second interaction with the people during the day, locals poured
out their problems to her. “We don’t have white ration cards. We are not
getting pensions and there is no power supply even,” they told her. “However,
we are getting inflated power bills every month.”

Smt. Vijayamma specially listened to the woes of a
poor girl whose parents have reportedly committed suicide because of harassment
by a person.

“I have lodged complaint with the police but nothing
happened,” the girl revealed to her, accompanied by her little brother.

When Smt. Vijayamma sought an explanation from a
police officer who was present there, the officer promised her that they would
speed up the investigation on the girl’s complaint.

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