YSRCP calls PTI story conspiracy

YSR Congress Party has strongly condemned a false
PTI report that said party honourary president Smt. YS Vijayamma has not ruled
out the party’s merger with the Congress.

In a statement issued in Hyderabad on Friday,September 7, the
party described the PTI report as the most despicable act and said the PTI reporter
has misinterpreted Vijayamma’s statement as per his will and pleasure.

“We have no objection if her statement is published
as it is but it is a conspiracy on part of the agency to have misinterpreted
what Vijayamma has said,”   the party
said, adding, the headline given by the reporter to the news item itself
reveals he has misinterpreted it as per his liking.

The party asked the national news agency to
introspect as to why it has circulated a conspired and falsified news story
when everyone in the state knows that there is no question of the YSR Congress
Party merging with any other party.

The party also opined that the undue importance
given to the false news story by the Chandrababu TV channels of the Yellow
Media also makes everyone think that the conspiracy theory is fully justified.

The YSR Congress Party has warned the Yellow Media
channels that legal action would be initiated against them if the false news
story is not taken back and the bad propaganda stopped immediately. 

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