YSRCP Presents People’s Problems in the Assembly

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLAs
brought to the notice of the assembly the problems situated in their constituencies.
During the question hour of the assembly session, they exposed the way the
Government had ignored to keep the promises it made prior to elections.

YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy commented
that the Government should focus on realizing the promises made in the election
manifesto, rather than spend time bluffing. He mentioned that the TDP Government
had promised to waive professional tax and service tax on BC professions but it
failed to see implementation till now. He also reminded that their manifesto had
stated that GO would be changed saving goldsmiths from the police’s atrocities
but they had been suffering more now.

YSRCP MLA Rajanna Dora mentioned the
corruption going on in the lands allotted to tribal people under Indira
Jalaprabha Scheme in the tribal areas. He stated that holes had been dug in
those lands but bores had not been installed and neither had electricity been
provided. He demanded inquiry wherever expenditure was shown. He complained
that NTR Jalasiri Scheme was benefiting only Janmabhoomi committees and
demanded that the Government saw that everybody who deserved should get it. Rajanna
Dora criticized the minister’s announcing that the STs’ and SCs’ accidents rose
slightly. He revealed that 2 tribal people had been burnt alive in January and
a tribal woman had been sexually assaulted in February at Mentadi mandal in
Saluru constituency alone. He suggested that the Government had to act strictly
regarding the atrocities happening on tribal people. He asked for the
Government’s aid to the tribal people, justice being served to them and proper
punishment being served to the involved criminals by filing SC, ST atrocity

YSRCP MLA Anil Kumar Yadav brought to the
notice of the assembly the troubles faced by goldsmiths. He informed that the migration
of goldsmiths from other places to Nellore had caused idleness of the local
goldsmiths and asked for the Government’s assistance to the local professionals.
He suggested formation of a federation and a training centre for the
goldsmiths. He also demanded issue of loans for buying machinery. Anil Kumar
also suggested issue of pension to them as they had chance of facing diseases.
He also remarked that the Government had to prevent them from being troubled by
the police.

MLA Visweswar Reddy commented that the budget had not offered anything for the
field of agriculture or the lives of the farmers. He mentioned that severe
drought had been faced recently and the Government itself had announced drought
areas in 2 shifts. In light of this, he remarked that the Government’s
indifference to taking any action for the alleviation of the farmers’ suffering
was sad. He expressed his concern towards the farmers not being able to get
price for their produce.

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