YSRCP played historic role in Assembly

Hyderabad, Jan 31, 2014:
Asserting that the Party has played a historic role in the Assembly in sending
back the State Reorganisation Bill, YSR Congress Party has said both Kiran
Kumar Reddy and N Chandrababu Naidu have played into the hands of the Congress
high command and have helped in the division process till the last minute while
mutually shielding each other.

‘The role we have played in
the assembly rejecting the Bill is historic, while the opportunist politics of
Congress and TDP have been thoroughly exposed. Chief Minister, who has been all
the days been helping the Centre in expediting the division bill, has also
helped N Chandrababu Naidu by moving the resolution just when the TDP President
was scheduled to speak on the Bill,’ Party MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy told
reporters here on Wednesday.

The nexus is well
established. Chandrababu Naidu helped Sonia Gandhi and Congress in getting the
Bill in to assembly in lieu of the Centre ignoring the corruption charges he
has been facing. When the turn of Naidu has come to speak, the Chief Minister
suddenly came out of is hibernation and started speaking that the Bill is full
of loopholes and it should be rejected. Naidu echoes his feelings and Speaker
puts the resolution of Chief Minister to voice vote.

The Chief Minister thus
saved the TDP leader from the embarrassment of speaking out his stand in the
Assembly where his party MLAs had given speeches that were contradictory and
completely opposite. This politics of opportunism will not go well with the
people, he said.

Kiran Kumar Reddy played a
dubious role in the process while facilitating the Centre at all important
junctures and wearing the mask of integrationist for public consumption.

YSRCP was first to react on
the division process and we have taken a firm stand of a united state though we
were aware that we had to face hardships in one region. We have placed the
interests of people ahead of politics.

TDP and Congress had done
exactly the opposite. TDP and Congress have whipped regional feelings and were
silent on their stand. Naidu wanted to save his party in both regions and Kiran
Kumar Reddy wanted to hang on to his post till the last moment, he said.

The assembly resolution is
the result of our four-month long fight for a united state and we have put in
all our efforts to keep the state united, he said and recalled that the Party
has written letters to all constitutional heads and has demanded to convene
assembly to pass a resolution in favour of a united state. After we submitted
resignations, we asked Congress and TDP leaders to follow suit but Kiran Kumar
 Reddy and others refused which has brought the situation this far.

It is morally incorrect for
Congress and TDP to level allegations against us and question our integrity on
the united state cause, he added.

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