YSRCP opposed to pass the bill

Hyderabad: The YSRCP MLAs Visweshwar Reddy, Sujaya krishan Rangarao fired on the government stating that Naidu government is leading 25 corporate forces. The MLAs Y. Visweshwar Reddy, Sujaya Krishna Rangarao spoke to media at the Assembly Media point.


YSRCP completely opposed the bill of private universities as it was totally planned for commercial purpose by government accused, the members of YSRCP. The leaders Visweshwar Reddy, Sujaya krishan Rangarao expressed their anguish that the bill is completely damaging the future of students and said that it is unfair on the ruling party to pass the bill in the Legislature without the interference of the Opposition party.


The YSRCP MLAs, Visweshwar Reddy, Sujaya krishan Rangarao stated that Naidu government is not bothered about the Education and Education Departments and completely surrendered all the institutions into the hands of corporate segments. However, Naidu is not read to support the farmers who lost the farms by providing subsidies.


The leaders also commented that the ruling party is ready to spend crores of rupees for the fun and entertainment of the Ministers and MLAs of ruling party abroad. The YSRCP Minsters fired on Naidu for not bothering about the 20 government universities.

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