YSRCP dares TDP's captive media house

Hyderabad, April 7, 2013:
 Challenging the media house that has been publishing baseless stories on
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to prove the charges and pick the gauntlet it has thrown,
YSR Congress has said every allegation the newspaper levels will provide more
and more patronage to Party from the people.   

“The media house which is
going hammer and tongs on an insipid issue pertaining to the rivalry between
two countries and trying to implicate YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in it is not in the
best interests of the journalism and such an exercise was carried out on
earlier occasions as well which have boomeranged,” party spokesperson Vasireddy
Padma told reporters here on Saturday.

The media house, which has
been the mouthpiece of TDP, has levelled serious charges against YSR before
2009 elections as well. But people did not believe the version and they come
closer to YSR and voted him back to power.

The pattern is same. The
same baseless stories were written with the help of leaks from CBI on YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy and there was no change in the result of by-elections that were
held to 20 assembly and two Lok Sabha elections.

The media house publishing
extra-territorial news and trying to link up YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been
ridiculous and people are not in a position to believe the stark lies and
dreaded distortions. The more the allegations, the more the affection YSRCP
receives from the people and this time it will not be any different.

“We have challenged the
media group to prove its charges that the alphabet “C” refers to YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy and place the media house at stake and since there has been no response,
it is clear that there is no truth in the version of the newspaper,” she said.

The same paper has paid rich
tributes to YSR following his death in the editorial is a different issue. His
attire, welfare schemes and mass contact programmes were lauded in a flowery

Though reams and reams were
written against YSR before 2009 election, nothing worthy was written against
the failure of Congress party in the last 4 1/2 years. TDP and the media house
are reeling under the Jagan phobia and as YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has emerged as a
true heir to YSR, they are trying all the tricks in the book and out of it to defame

“But people are conscious
of the grand designs and the by-election results will replete in the general
elections,” she said.

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